Untreated Hearing Care is Costly

According to the Johns Hopkins Research Center, there are more than 77,000 patients in the United States living with untreated hearing loss. Often, individuals who suffer from hearing loss are overwhelmed by the cost of hearing tests, hearing aids, and equipment. While you may think that it is more expensive to get a hearing device, studies have found that untreated hearing loss is actually more costly. Patients with untreated hearing loss actually pay 46% more in health care costs over a span of ten years.

Hearing Loss Statistics

The Johns Hopkins Research Center also found that patients with untreated hearing loss had:

  • 50% more hospital stays
  • 17% more emergency room visits
  • 52% more outpatient visits

Additionally, the study also discovered that patients with untreated hearing loss have a higher likelihood of suffering from other health conditions such as dementia and depression. Untreated hearing loss can also lead to a higher likelihood of a slip and fall.

Treating Hearing Loss

What can you do to treat your hearing loss?

  • Schedule a hearing test – if you are having trouble hearing the television or radio, have asked your loved ones to speak up on numerous occasions, or are experiencing ringing in your ears, you may be suffering from hearing loss. Getting your hearing tested when you start to experience symptoms can ensure that your hearing does not get worse and reduces the likelihood of experiencing other symptoms associated with hearing loss.
  • Get fitted for a hearing device – during your hearing test, an audiologist will determine the right hearing device for you based on your level of hearing loss. Once a device is chosen for you, your audiologist will fit you for the device and ensure that it works properly and fits accurately.
  • Wear your hearing device– while you may not be used to wearing your hearing device, it is essential that you wear them daily to get used to the way they fit. When you first get your hearing aids, try wearing them for a few hours at a time and work your way up to wearing them all day.
  • Take care of your device – when not wearing your hearing device, it is important to take care of them. Remove the device’s battery when it is not in use. Try to keep your device away from moisture and harsh conditions. If your device malfunctions, reach out to the Beltone Tristate team as soon as possible for repairs.

Hearing loss can be difficult to deal with. Don’t let your loss of hearing prevent you from living your life. To learn more about how to treat your hearing loss, contact Beltone Tristate today.