Making hearing aids better one accessory at a time

Hearing aid technology has come a long way since the original “hearing aid,” the ear trumpet, which was invented 400 years ago. In the 1800s, ear trumpets were replaced with the first electronic hearing aids, and transistor hearing aids came onto the scene in the 1950s. But, between the 50s and today is where hearing aid technology has really thrived, not only in the devices themselves, but in the applications and accessories that support hearing aid wearers even further. 

Here at Beltone Tristate, we aim to help our patients have the very best experience with their hearing aids because getting your first set of hearing aids can be an adjustment. That’s why we offer a couple of great additional accessories that can enhance your hearing aid even further. 

The Beltone MyPAL

The Beltone MyPAL is a great addition to any hearing aid wearer’s life because it acts as an extension of your hearing aids and makes hearing in loud places or at long distances easier. It has a powerful microphone inside, which effortlessly picks up sounds, from voices at the dinner table to your favorite television show to a 1:1 conversation with your family or friends. 

Setting up the Beltone MyPAL is easy, and instructions are provided with each device to walk you through the entire process. Simply connect your hearing aids to your Beltone MyPAL via a smartphone, tablet, computer, or MP3 player, and you’re on your way to hearing crisp, amplified sound in any environment. 

The Beltone MyPAL comes in two versions: the Pro and the Micro. The Pro is a popular choice, because it’s the most powerful option and comes with a higher quality microphone, leading to higher quality sound in your ears. But, the Micro is equally as impressive, delivering crisp, clear sound in a smaller package. Both the Pro and the Micro can extend the range of your hearing by up to 82 feet, making it easy to engage with sounds near and far. 

The Beltone Phone Link 2

The Beltone Phone Link 2 is well-named, because it links your phone to your hearing aids, helping you to hear phone calls clearly and effortlessly. Simply connect your phone to your Beltone Phone Link to stream sound from your phone into your hearing aids. You can even use the Beltone Phone Link to adjust hearing aid settings like volume, environmental programs, mute, and more. 

If you have a Beltone Ally and are looking for a way to enhance your phone call experience, look no further than the Beltone Phone Link 2.

The Beltone TV Link 2

Similar to the Beltone Phone Link 2, the Beltone TV Link 2 makes it easier to hear your favorite television shows, movies, and music by streaming sound directly to your hearing aids. The Beltone TV link also allows you to adjust volume right at your fingertips, so you can protect your hearing while enhancing your listening. 

The Beltone TV Link 2 is compatible with a wide range of Beltone hearing aids, including the Beltone Imagine, Amaze, Rely, Boost Ultra, and Trust devices. 

The Beltone Remote Control 2

The last accessory we’ll highlight in this blog is a practical and simple solution for one of hearing aids’ biggest limitations: the Beltone Remote Control 2. With how small hearing aids are, changing the settings or sound of your device can be difficult, and, oftentimes, you need to remove the device to make adjustments. 

The Beltone Remote Control allows you to change the settings of your hearing aid wirelessly. You can do everything from tune your hearing aids to adjust the volume to block out surrounding sound to adjust any streaming and Bluetooth devices quickly and easily. The Beltone Remote Control makes wearing a hearing aid much more accessible and comfortable, and it’s compatible with a large number of Beltone hearing aids, including the Imagine, Amaze, Rely, Boost Ultra, and Trust. 

While hearing aids alone are an incredible technology that can make a world of difference in the hearing and lives of those with hearing loss, there are some limitations with hearing aids that accessories like the Beltone MyPAL Pro or Remote Control can address and make your hearing aid experience even better. 

Interested in learning more about the array of accessories we offer to hearing aid wearers here at Beltone Tristate? Check out our online shop today