Special Package Set #3


Includes the Beltone myPAL and Beltone Remote Control 2

Beltone myPAL

The Beltone myPAL allows you to hear your best with your hearing aids in difficult hearing environments. Focus on specific conversations in busy, noisy environments like restaurants, family events, and meetings. Place the device near the source of the sound you’d like to hear and stream it directly into your hearing aids.

Beltone Remote Control 2

The Beltone Remote Control 2 allows you to change the settings of your hearing aid wirelessly. Using this remote, you can tune your hearing aids simultaneously or individually—giving you the ability to specify your hearing preference in your hearing aids. Adjust volume, block out surrounding sound, balance the volume of your streaming devices, and switch between Bluetooth devices.

The Beltone Remote Control 2 is compatible with:

Beltone Imagine
Beltone Amaze
Beltone Rely
Beltone Boost Ultra
Beltone Trust