Beltone Tristate exists to improve the quality of life of those experiencing hearing loss by providing easier access to healthcare professionals and developing products that improve your hearing while being easy to use. It’s not every day that a new study comes along to amplify what we exist to do. 

Hearing loss cannot be reversed, but hearing aids can improve your hearing, which also protects your cognitive abilities, as found in a recent study by Johns Hopkins. Being able to hear your loved ones is reason enough to explore hearing aid options, but on top of that, it can help you stay you.

The Data Speaks for Itself

The new John Hopkins study found that older adults with greater severity of hearing loss were more likely to have dementia, but the likelihood of dementia was lower among hearing aid users compared to non-users. Check out these fast facts:

  • 61% higher prevalence of dementia among participants with moderate to severe hearing loss 
  • Hearing aid use was associated with a 32% lower prevalence of dementia in those who had moderate to severe hearing loss
  • Hearing loss affects two-thirds of Americans over 70 
  • 2,413 individuals participated in the study and about half were over 80
  • About 28.8 million U.S. adults could benefit from using hearing aids
  • Only 30% of adults aged 70 and older with hearing loss use hearing aids
  • Only 16% of adults aged 20 to 69 with hearing loss use hearing aids

What should you do to improve your hearing and cognitive health?

Commit to Routine Hearing Tests

Even adults aged 20-69 who do not experience pain in their ears or hearing loss should have their hearing tested every 3-5 years. As we age, the likelihood of hearing loss increases, and the study noted above supports that earlier hearing treatment makes a difference in long-term mental health. This post explores more connections between hearing loss and mental health. For adults 70 and older, especially those who experience hearing loss, annual testing is recommended to stay on top of your hearing health. Schedule a free hearing test today!

Explore Hearing Aid Options

Choosing the right hearing aid device is an important part of consulting during your hearing test. Your lifestyle and hearing needs will help determine the best fit and format of hearing devices, from behind-the-ear to in-the-canal options. This post explores seven common hearing aid styles on the market to help you prepare for that conversation. You can also learn more about Beltone hearing aid options here.

Keep Your Hearing Aids Clean

If you already use hearing aids, one of the best things you can do is utilize best practices to keep them functioning at a high level. Maintaining your hearing aids includes regular cleanings, proper storage, and even battery care. Also, you can get more out of your devices by pairing them with our apps for easier adjustments on the go. To dive deeper into caring for your hearing aids, check out this post

What else can you do to help your memory now?

Experts from John Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic agree that several lifestyle choices can help you maintain your memory and overall health. Again and again, we find that regular exercise, healthier eating, and consistent social connections improve almost all areas of our physical and mental health including our memory and hearing. As an example, one of our recent posts explores the connection between heart health and hearing loss. The most emphatic recommendation is the role exercise plays in improving our memory. Although the specific link is undetermined, it’s possible that the increased blood flow to the brain aids your memory function.

Hearing isn’t a luxury

The studies reinforce that your hearing is not a minor part of your overall health. It is not a minor inconvenience to experience hearing loss or pain in your ears. Even though it seems simple, taking practical steps to improve your hearing will help maintain your memory as you age. Our bodies are interconnected and any investment you make in being healthier physically or mentally will pay dividends in other areas of your life. Our free hearing tests are a great place to begin investing in your overall health today. 


If you are struggling with hearing loss, schedule a free hearing test at Beltone Tristate today!