Hearing aids need maintenance

Hearing aids, especially the latest technology offerings from Beltone, are essentially miniature computers. Like most modern computerized devices, from streaming devices to tablets to phones, periodic software updates can help keep your technology secure and running smoothly. 

Software updates for hearing aids are also becoming increasingly common, particularly those devices with Bluetooth capabilities as well as those that are smartphone-compatible. Some of these updates can be performed directly through apps that you have installed on your phone, like the Beltone HearMax, HearPlus, Tinnitus Calmer, and SmartRemote apps. 

If you’re ever having trouble downloading any of these apps or their associated software or firmware updates, please reach out to your hearing care specialist. The professionals at Beltone Tristate are always here to help you enjoy every aspect of your technology to the fullest. 

But, perhaps unsurprisingly, the most common roadblocks in our ability to enjoy our hearing technology’s benefits are the simplest ones. Sometimes, life happens, and when it does, our technology and our hearing suffers. 

Hearing aids need cleaning

This is why we encourage our patients to regularly clean their hearing devices. Our ears naturally produce cerumen, more commonly known as earwax. Some of us produce it more rapidly than others. Regardless of how quickly your body produces earwax, keeping your hearing aids free of it will help them perform better for you. 

When you are fit with new hearing aids, your provider will go over general, at-home maintenance of your devices, which will include cleaning them. You’ll receive a cleaning kit that features things like brushes, wire loops, and other tools designed to remove wax and build up from earmolds, domes, and tubing, all of which can block sound from traveling freely through your devices and into your ears. 

Wiping down your hearing aids every night after you take them out before bed can help keep them clean, and, depending on your body’s production of earwax, cleaning them about once a week will go a long way in helping them perform better. 

We also recommend bringing your technology into the office about twice a year for a professional cleaning. This allows us to use our professional-grade tools to carefully and thoroughly clean all aspects of your hearing aids, and even replace certain items like domes or tubing, which can become dry, brittle, and cracked after absorbing sweat and other natural oils from the body. 

If your devices could use a thorough examination and cleaning, give us a call — we’d be happy to help you in breathing new life into your hearing aids!

Hearing aids need protection


Beltone hearing aid warranties

Wearing hearing aids for the first time is like entering a new world. It’s exciting, but you still deserve support in order to feel as confident as possible throughout your hearing journey. All new hearing aids purchased at Beltone Tristate come with a standard 12-month warranty, this period may be longer depending on the type of insurance you have or they type of hearing aids you purchase. This warranty covers material and manufacturer defects determined to be no fault of your own. 

The process is simple: Just bring your hearing aids to the practice, and assuming the devices meet the material and manufacturer criteria, then we’ll either repair or replace your hearing aids free of charge. 

This is our standard warranty option at Beltone Tristate. We do have extended coverage plans available, as well, if you’re interested in protection exceeding our baseline offerings. 

Beltone hearing aids loss and damage protection

Sometimes hearing aids get lost. Sometimes they get stolen. And sometimes accidents happen. It’s not uncommon for patients to share this sort of news with us. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who report their hearing aids getting chewed up by a pet, dogs love chewing hearing aids and kitty cats love to lose them!

This is precisely why we offer a hearing aid loss and damage coverage that protects your investment in better hearing. If you discover that your hearing aids have been lost, stolen, or damaged in the first 12 months of purchase of a new device, we’ll happily provide you with  brand new replacement devices!

Life happens — Beltone Tristate wants you to hear it! If you need help with keeping your devices in tip top shape, or are interested in learning more about our newest technology offerings, then contact us today! Your hearing health deserves it!