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Know which hearing aid battery to order.

To find out which hearing aid you should buy, you’ll need to know the battery size number and/or color. Please check out the chart below which explains the Beltone hearing aid battery number, the standard battery number, and the color of the tabs on the batteries.

A battery with a yellow tab representing the Beltone B20 hearing aid batteries or size 10

Beltone B20

Battery Size 10

Color: Yellow

A battery with a brown tab representing the Beltone B347 hearing aid batteries or size 312

Beltone B347

Battery Size 312

Color: Brown 

A battery with a orange tab representing the Beltone B26 hearing aid batteries or size 13

Beltone B26

Battery Size 13

Color: Orange

A battery with a blue tab representing the Beltone B900 hearing aid batteries or size 675

Beltone B900

Battery Size 675

Color: Blue 

Can I get rechargeable hearing aid batteries?

Yes! Beltone rechargeable hearing aids save you from buying new batteries frequently. Talk to a Beltone hearing expert to find out if it is a good option for your specific type of hearing loss.

How can I make my hearing aid batteries last longer?

Always store your hearing aids in a dry space at room temperature. Avoid extreme temperatures both hot and cold. And despite what you’ve heard, storing them in the refrigerator and freezer will not extend the battery life.

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Is it time to upgrade your hearing aids?

Most people upgrade their hearing aids every 3-4 years. Beltone hearing care experts are ready to help you decide if it’s time to upgrade. We will take a look at your current hearing aids, perform a hearing test, and then make a recommendation. Get a free in-office trial of Beltone’s latest hearing aids. We want you to hear your best!

What devices do I need for my hearing aid?

Beltone offers a variety of devices to assist you in every hearing environment. Whether you need to hear better at dinner, while watching TV, or at church we have a solution for you. We recommend talking to a Beltone hearing care expert about your lifestyle before ordering products.

How can I get my hearing aids cleaned?

We offer products that can help you keep your devices clean like Beltone Cleaning Wipes. But sometimes your hearing aids or ears may need to be cleaned by a professional. Contact us today so you can hear your best.

Get $850 off a set of Beltone hearing aids. 

We are committed to helping people, like you, hear their best. Buying hearing aids is an investment—so let us help lighten the load. Contact us and get $850 off a set of hearing aids or $425 off per single hearing aid. This offer cannot b combined with any other offers.

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